Are Printing Promotions a thing of the Past?

With the rise of email and digital marketing, you might be under the impression that print promotions are a thing of the past, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Reach out to your interested customers who are constantly bombarded  with spam emails and poorly-targeted digital advertising with an impactful and beautifully designed print promotion.
Rules of the Road
Whether you’re looking for a quick response to a particular promotion or your goal is to build interest over time with advertising, these key design rules will ensure that your message has the desired impact for your next project.
✔Repetition, Repetition, Repetition – Sending out just one mailing piece will not provide you with the results that you would like. Instead, design a series of staggered, targeted promotions. General Rule here is that your clients need at least 3 touches to remember you.
✔Make an Impact – There’s no need for subtlety in advertising. Insert a clear call to action, or next step, for your customers within the design.

Types of Promotions:
No matter the promotion type, execution is critical. Poorly-presented type or design could ruin an otherwise clever idea — taking it from eye-popping to eye-rolling in a single moment. Below are five common promotion design types depending on your goal:
Self-Promotion: Is your business the best at what it does? Say so! Create a booklet that details your specific offerings or a simple postcard that drives people to a web-based landing page or to give you a call.

Brag Promotions: These are the ideal way of letting your audience know that you’ve done something impressive. Win an award recently or get recognized within your community? Create a brag promotion as part of a larger project and include messaging about how the award will benefit your customers.

Capabilities Promotions: Want to let your clients know how many options you have available at their fingertips? Capabilities promotions are a great way to explain the breadth or depth of services that you offer.
Invitations: Let your customers know you have a special event coming up soon. Host an open house, a business gala, or a community fundraiser, and use a creatively designed and printed invitation to spread the word.
Just because:  There is never a bad time to say “Thanks” or celebrate a special occasion. Send a printed and well-designed note to your customers for corporate anniversaries, holidays, or after a large order.

These are just a few great ideas that can help you stay front and center in your customers eyes.  Are you ready to start your design and create a print promotions and advertising that makes people take action?

Give the MGS Team a call and let our team of experts help you craft the perfect promotional piece that will get you noticed!


Until next time…Stay Creative.