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Tri-fold Postcards

Tri-fold Postcards

Tri-fold Postcards

Tri-fold postcards are a great creative alternative to traditional brochures. They feature many of the same benefits of a popular brochure, but they are printed on heavier stock and are designed for easy mailing.  The uses for tri-fold postcards are endless. The three-panel marketing real estate is great for providing a tear-away coupon, calendar, events schedule, or industry tips. Because tri-fold postcards are printed on heavier stock, they are also ideal for including a perforated response card that can be designed as a smaller postcard and dropped back in the mail.

Postcards in general are the most influential and economical way to achieve a response through direct-mail marketing. With the right mailing list comprised of a highly targeted audience, you can use postcards to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, boost your leads, and drive sales.

Here are 5 Tips from the MGS Team to market your business with postcards:

1. Web traffic

Postcard-to-website marketing has recently been shown to be the single most effective direct-marketing technique. In fact, online marketing techniques often pale in comparison to the response achieved by postcard marketing. While online marketing can produce volume, postcard marketing produces targeted visitors that already want what you’re selling. Sending a postcard with a great offer and a special URL  or a special coupon code to use to redeem the offer. By doing so, you’re not only able to drive response, you’re able to track it as well, which can help you tailor your next campaign based on tested results.

2. Ask for referrals

Ask your current customers for referrals to others who would benefit from your products and services. In return, you can offer them a special discount. Many companies extend a discount to both the referring person and the new lead. Word of mouth is by far the best marketing method in existence: It cannot truly be bought or sold, and people trust the opinions of friends and family.  Let your customers be your sales force and reward them for it.

3. Invitations

Promote in-store sales and other events with postcards. Include coupons redeemable on special event dates so you can track response. Treat your prospects as VIPs to get attention quickly, and make sure they know when, where and how to redeem your offer. With this Application you could look at doing something a little fancier that will really grasp there attention, with either the graphic or the style/type of paper you select.  With all these options surely has you covered.

4. Thank-you cards

A quick thank-you postcard is one of the best ways to encourage repeat business. Your customers want to feel valued and that their business is appreciated, and postcards mailings are a great way to express this. For even more impact,  Personalizing these postcards with the customers name and including a VIP customer coupon on your postcard, which will also help you track the effectiveness of your thank-you campaign.

5. Newsletter

Companies can always benefit from publishing newsletters for their customers, but they don’t always have enough news or the time to create content to fill an entire four-page standard newsletter. Enter the newsletter postcard/ news card, which lets you feature two or three small items of importance each month. Print one feature on the back, or address side, of your postcard and two others on the front for maximum impact.

Tri-fold postcards are available in a variety of sizes, paper stocks, colors, and finishes.  Give us a call or email us at  if you wold like help creating the perfect tri-fold postcard your customers will love!

Until Next time…Stay Creative.