Envelopes, what’s the big deal?

Envelopes, what’s the big deal? An envelope can be so much more than simply a covering of some sort for your correspondence. The right envelope can instantly convey a wealth of ideas before its intended recipient even opens it up. The next time you’re working on choosing the right envelope for your marketing, keep the following 3 points in mind:

1.) Envelopes: The Making of…Knowing what type of envelope will best fit your needs starts with an understanding of how they’re made. Envelopes start as flat paper and go through the envelope conversion process to become an envelope. The flat paper is cut to the right shape, an adhesive is applied to the envelope flap, and the paper is folded and glued to take the final form of the envelope. Printing the envelope after the envelope conversion process is an economical way to purchase envelopes, but limits the design options for the envelopes. Printing the envelope before the conversion process allows for the greatest amount of creativity.

2.) Make Your Envelopes Stand Out…Printing envelopes before the conversion process offers a fantastic way to grab your customers’ attention. By adding some special effects to your envelopes like embossing foil, or full colour bleed from  edge to edge can make a huge impact.  Simply put, if you want to get noticed, you need to stand out from the rest of the mail.

3.)Solutions for Differing Budgets…As with any order, it’s important to consider where the cost breaks are and what techniques are more cost effective than others. Large runs of 5,000 or more envelopes could lend themselves to customizing envelopes with engraving, printing and embossing. Even though this process is both more expensive and time-consuming, its costs could fall enough so that the project falls within your budget and you’d get the benefit of an impactful first impression and customization. For smaller runs, the benefit versus cost of customization would need to weighed, since smaller runs of customized envelopes would not be as cost effective.

Considering some of these points prior to making a decision can help you choose the envelope design that best meets your needs and your budget. The team at MGS has been printing and designing envelopes for 15 years, and would love to sit and talk to you about your next envelope job!

Until next time stay creative….