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Short and to the point on this blog, lets have a look at a few examples of valuable lessons that successful marketers can learn from professional golfers.

Here are just a few examples that the MGS Team has come up with:

  • To succeed, you need to choose the right tool for every situation. Whether that marketing tool is software or a new hire, always remember that every business is unique and could require different tools in order to get the job down correctly.
  • Study the course (aka: your customers). Find out what they are buying, ask their opinion of your competitor, and learn how to interact with them on social media. This engagement will help give you and advantage.
  • Create a strategy for your upcoming marketing efforts, and be flexible in case of unexpected changes that make your marketing efforts fall off course. Being able to adjust on the fly will help you execute more of your efforts.
  • Learn from every attempt and use this information to make better decisions going forward.
  • Don’t blame your clubs. Sometimes failure is inevitable, but you can move on and try again.
  • Focus on the job you’re meant to do. Pro golfers don’t carry their own golf bag because they need to focus on the game. Similarly, you should delegate work and trust employees you’ve hired to follow thru on what they’ve been hired to do. Building a team that you can trust and rely on will help you execute more.
  • Track your swings. By keeping track of your performance – both good and bad – you can make better decisions going forward.
  • Even if you have a slow start, it is important to stay in the game and find a way to finish strong.  The road to success always has its ups and downs.

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