Marketing Materials

When it comes to marketing materials there are many different items that you can print and design. Welcome materials are a great way to build trust and form a strong relationship with new customers or members of your organization.  The MGS Team has listed some of our favourite welcome ideas that will help to engage your audience.

  • Provide a handwritten note or thank you letter that expresses your gratitude for choosing your business or organization.  The personalization of this note will show the recipient you took the time to send them a special thanks vs the standard “press print” or “press send” process.
  • Consider organizing important information, such as product warranties, billing and return policies, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and contact information in a convenient pocket folder/kit that is easy to find and file for your client.  It one less thing they need to worry about and can access everything they need to know about you with ease.
  • Welcome posters and booklets are a great helpful way to identify an event, offer directions, information on keynote speakers, workshops, a schedule of events, and more.
  • Provide a timeline with interesting background information about your organization throughout the years. This will help build a case of why they should choose you instead of your competition.
  • Name Tags are a helpful way to identify attendees, increase socializing, and help others remember names. Have a little fun with name tags, and customize them to your business/brand.  The standard ink jet ones you get at staples are fine for your kids pre-school class, but you are aiming to impress potential new customers.
  • Boost loyalty with customer testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers or members.  New customers are always looking to see how other buyers experiences were with your company.  Its sort of like and Amazon review helping to build a buyers confidence.
  • Encourage ongoing contact with a calendar of upcoming events, celebrations, sales, etc.  This can be done by mail or email.  The point here is to constantly be in front of our audience and letting them know what is upcoming.

These are just a few ideas that the MGS Team has used over the years to help our clients as well as ourselves stay in contact and communicate with our clients helping to build strong relationships.

The MGS Team has been helping our customers with there marketing materials for over 15years. We’ll be happy to assist you with your next project.  Drop us a line at and let’s get creative!
Until next time… Stay Creative!