The Risk of Over Designing

Simplicity is often seen, but it’s a concept that is not easily explained. For some graphic designers, it’s second nature. For others, it involves much forethought. Today’s designers are trending toward more simple, clutter-free designs, as they return to simplicity.

Here are some examples of how the traditional theme of less is more is used in each of the following areas:

Advertising: Not only can simple ads grab attention, but their short and to the point messages are also easier to comprehend. The concept of “less is more” is especially effective when writing ad copy.  You have  small window to get your message across and if the text seems to overwhelming you have lost your viewer before you even started.

Catalogs and Brochures: Catalogs and brochures are expected to be a vast source of information, yet readers appreciate when they are simplified, organized, and easy to read and comprehend. Simplicity is often its own reward since it encourages increased use.  Try to incorporate more pictures and full page spreads that will reward the viewer with visual stimulation, and sell your product by helping the viewer relate to it in a certain instance or environment.

Packaging: Like a poster, a package needs to attract the eye within seconds of its initial viewing. In recent years, shelves have been jammed with products whose designers have attempted to out-design one another. This gives simple package designs featuring primary colors, bold copy, white space, and clean design the ability to effectively break through the clutter. Stick to only including what is necessary, the rest can fall into the back of the package or within a manual on the inside.

Identity: Not only do logos convey the personality of a company, but they also offer a memorable impression. Simple designs that incorporate a company’s complex ideas are the root of a logo’s power. If we look at the current trend we are seeing that a lot of companies are going back to a 2D Design, with 1 colour or possibly 2 colour application.  The simply beauty in simplicity.

One of the perks of being a designer is the ability to develop a personality or character for a company or product. For designers, simplicity means a return to basics, but not at the expense of creative design.


Until next time…Stay Creative