10 Things you need to know about Direct Mail.

Direct Mail, we all want to know how to be successful at it and yield the best possible ROI.  Bellow is is our top 10 things you need to know about Direct Mail.  These insights will help you in all aspects of your campaigns and hopefully get you the results you are looking for!


  1. Hit the Right People – It’s critical that you reach the right people, and that means clean and current Data, meaningfully segmented.
  2. Make it personal – Using insights from transactional data, analytics and customer profiles, speak to your customers as if you understand them and their needs.
  3. Use Copy that Sells. – Grab attention, pique interest, deliver benefits, build a rapport, create a persuasive value story and ask for the order.Make it easy, engaging and compelling. Direct Mail is copy-driven, and the right copy can have a huge impact on response.
  4. Choosing the right offer – Motivate customers to act – discounts, specials limited time offers and premiums work really well.
  5. It should be all about “ME” – Always answer the question – What’s in it for me? Benefit!, Benefit!, Benefit!,
  6. Lay it out effectively – Use visuals and design to grab attention, set the right tone, engage and guide the customer, make it easy to read and visually appealing.
  7. Get Physical – Be inventive with formats, stocks, dimensions, sounds, smells and feels.Create physical interactivity to help deliver a key message and keep the customer engaged.
  8. Ensure responding is easy – What do you want the customer to do? Make the act of saying “yes” easy.Don’t be shy with your call-to-action.  Repeat it. Make it Strong. Give options—toll-free number, websites, text, social media
  9. Measure and Track – You’ve got to know what works and what doesn’t.Fortunately, direct mail is one of the most trackable marketing channels. Use Campaign specific promo codes, 800#’s bar codes links to landing pages to track the success of each campaign.
  10. Test and Learn – Continually test and learn how to make your Direct Mail even stronger.Test offers, lists, copy, layouts, formats, positioning and more.  You’ll increase your response and ROI, and give your customers an enhanced customer experience.

The MGS team has been creating and setting up direct mail campaigns for over 15 years.  Let our team of experts help guide you through the process and prepare you for what you should expect from each campaign.

Feel free to contact us at contact@mgsmarketing.ca.  We are more then happy to assist you and you answer any questions you may have.

Until Next time… Stay Creative.