10 Tips to Make Your Brochures and Flyers Effective

Everyday there is a business owner somewhere in the world asking themselves these common questions.

How can I make my brochures more effective? How do I write copy that engages my customers to read and respond?

At MGS Print we have come up with a few copywriting and design tips to create and improve your sales literature you provide customers. If you’re planning to create a brochure to drive in more sales or to announce a new product or service, you’re probably wondering what you can do to ensure a good response.

There are a lot of different costs that go into developing a flyer or brochure. Writing, photography, graphic design, and printing, plus the time you or your staff spend on associated chores and the postage rates. Cost isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Every piece of literature you send out leaves an impression on your prospects. Leave the wrong impression, and you run the risk of losing sales and alienating customers.

So, what can you do to make your next sales brochure or flyer a winner?

Understand your customer

Before you spend any time planning a brochure or flyer, make sure you understand your customer. Ask yourself why would they want to buy your product? What’s the most important thing it can do for them? What is the most important problem your product or service can solve for them? If you don’t know the answers to questions like these, go  and ask someone. Talk to your salespeople, talk to customers. Use their answers to help decide which benefits to play up in your brochure. At the end of the day you are solving a problem for you customers.

Plan your brochure – 

Focus in on these 4 keys- Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. To be effective, your brochure needs to get attention, get the prospect interested enough to read further, raise their desire for the product or service, and get them to take a specific action such as buy now or call and make an appointment.

Don’t put a picture of your building on the cover of the brochure 

Sure, you’re proud of the building and the way the company has grown. But your customers really don’t care how proud you are of your company, or how big your building is. The only thing they care about is whether or not your products meet their needs. Don’t waste space you should use to sell your products and convince customers to buy now.

Sell, don’t tell

Your customers and prospects aren’t really interested in your company or products. They are interested in themselves and/or their own businesses. To get their attention, your brochure needs to focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. Solve their problem.

Use headlines and graphics your audience cares about

The average reader takes less than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of a brochure and decide whether or not to read it. If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure are boring, few recipients will bother opening it. Let the MGSmarketing.ca Team guide you to a design that will get you noticed.

Use benefit-oriented headlines inside your brochure, too

Once you’ve gotten the brochure recipient to open the brochure, the next thing they’ll do is skim the headlines inside the brochure. Use short and catchy headlines to hold their attention, and move them through the copy.

Use bullet points to focus on the key features of your product or service

Consumers and business people alike are pressed for time and have many ads vying for their attention. This leads us to tend to skim quickly through copy. Feature-rich bullet points will help keep them focused on what you offer and lead them towards the action you want them to take next.

Tell them what you want them to do after reading the copy

After you interest the reader in what you are offering, you have to take the next step: tell them what they need to do to acquire it. Don’t just assume they’ll look for your phone number and call or visit your website. Make the Call to Action easy to find.

Give them a reason to act now 

If you don’t urge the reader to act now, and don’t give them a reason to do so, your efforts in getting attention, building interest and desire will be wasted. The customer will move on to the next thing that catches their attention and forget all about you. Some of the more common offers to get customers to buy now are special discounts that are only valid before a specific date, a free gift for purchases before a specific date, and rebates for purchase by a specific date. Others that don’t involve discounts or giveaways are reminders to buy now because the quantities are limited (if they really are), or because prices will be increasing, etc.

Make it easy to respond

Be sure your business name, phone number and website url are easily found in the brochure. Add your social media links if you have someone who watches those regularly, too.

Until next time…. stay creative