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3 Aspects to Consider When Attempting to Rebrand Your Business

As business is constantly evolving, some businesses are undergoing a shuffle in products and services that they are offering in order to stay competitive and relative. With this Shuffle happening, the branding and necessary messaging is usually forgotten and clients are not aware of the new focus or offerings that the business may now have available.

When tackling a rebrand its always best to start with listing everything and anything you may think can use an update.  Once you have compiled this list you would start to organize the list and proceed to placing things in an order that makes sense to you for completion.  Some items on your list will need to be completed before moving onto others.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that rebranding is a complex task, which not only involves logo update and change in web site messaging, but many other aspects. Our aim here will be to explore some of the important aspects you need to look into before carrying out rebranding for your business to ensure rebranding provides desired results.


Point #1: Focus on Core Message : You will need to decide WHAT IS the core message that you want your clients to remember about your business. This  message is a crucial part of the rebrand as it will associate and help with recognition on how customers remember your business.

Point #2: Carry Out Rebranding in Entirety: Your branding efforts need to ensure that rebranding is carried out in entirety. For example, internal business material is not left with traces of old brand, such as the old logo or colors. You don’t want to confuse any customers about who you are. Thus, it will be important to update marketing materials across all verticals which would include:

  • Business cards, stationary, email signatures, folders, and letterheads.
  • Signage.
  • Internal documents like applications contracts, forms, etc.
  • Powerpoint and Word templates.
  • Website
  • Social Media Channels.
  • Online Ads

Point #3: Get Valuable Insights: Before moving ahead with your rebranding plans, it will be essential to decide about people and entities that should be part of the rebranding process.  Can you handle the rebrand by yourself or do you need professional assistance? Branding agency, marketing department, product designers, customer service representatives, and thought leaders will certainly be part of the team that carries out rebranding for your business, but finding the right team and mix sometimes isn’t easy.  Trust professionals that have a good track record as they tend to have more experience and knowledge of what to look for and look out for.

As we can see, rebranding is a pretty involved task in which different aspects are to be looked at and evaluated.  If you lack the experience, time or creativity, I would highly recommend seeking out and appointing a branding agency to take charge of this activity for you.  You will have the assurance that all required steps will be taken to make rebranding successful.


Until next time… Stay Creative.