6 Ways Product Packaging Affects Buying Process

Product Packaging Affects Buying Process with the emotional attachment that develops when people use products of a brand for a specific period of time. Businesses can harness this bond by utilizing every available opportunity to make sure customers become returning customers. Moreover, satisfied customers spread the word about the business and help in increasing consumer base for the business.

Product packaging design can play an important role in helping people remember your product and in increasing brand awareness. Packaging becomes a silent salesman for your product.

Product Packaging and How it Affects Buying Decision: Proper product packaging design provides people the right first impression even before they pick your product up from the store shelf. In addition, when the shelf is stocked with several similar products, right packaging can help you stand out from the rest.

Let us look at few of the aspects you will have to look into to create the right product packaging and turn it into an effective marketing component.


Use of Colors

Colors can set your business visually apart from your competitors. However, the colors should be capable of setting the right tone and deliver the message about what your product is. For instance, if it is cereal packaging for children then it should have bright colors to make the product more attractive while cereals which are health focused will contain more of pastels and whites for projecting a softer image for adults.

Similarly, gold, silver, and black are the colors that are commonly utilized for luxury items whereas white is a popular choice when it comes to packaging of cleaning products. The feeling of sophistication and energy can be combined by pairing black with bright colors.

White color is associated with purity, safety, and simplicity and according to packaging design experts if more colors are added then it reduces sophistication of the product. Likewise, different shades of blue convey different meaning with light sky blue considered to be more playful while dark navy is associated with professionalism.

Thus, by selecting the right colors you can make your product packaging design more attractive and draw attention of your prospective buyers.


Quality of Packaging

If the quality of packaging is good then it is likely that consumers will return to purchase the same product again. Research shows that people tend to reuse packaging bags and boxes if the quality is good, helping to generate greater brand awareness.

Quality of packaging also portrays legitimacy and integrity of the product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling a product in paper packaging, people will lose confidence and will be hesitant in purchasing the product. On the other hand, if packaging is good and delivers your value proposition, the sales will be more. Additionally, when premium packaging is used, it enhances memorability of your product as well as brand.


Secure Packaging

Packaging when done properly can help in improving customer experience by ensuring that the product remains secure. Sturdy and secured packaging will make sure the product does not get damaged during transportation and shipping. This will in turn help your business avoid costly returns and enhance perception of quality that customer has about your product.


Use of Graphics

Identifiable graphical elements help customers locate their preferred brand among the clutter in retail stores. In situations where they do not have any preference for any specific brand, the graphics on the packaging helps businesses gain attention of consumers so that they can purchase the same and evaluate how good it is.

Moreover, graphics also provides the right information about the product and such information builds confidence in consumers that they are buying the right product.


Attractive Packaging

If the product packaging design is attractive and the product looks pretty in such packaging then many customers will feel interested in buying it so that they can keep it on display in their home.

This is applicable for products which will be used for a prolonged time period. If the packaging looks good there are higher chances that people will be willing to spend more to purchase such products. This will help to offset the price of the product and its packaging.

If the packaging is unique then it will certainly attract attention of customers and help in swaying buyer’s decision towards purchasing your product and not your competitors. Apart from being attractive, the packaging design should be such that it is practical and easy to use. The packaging should be designed by keeping in mind the purpose of the product.


Simple Packaging

It is not always necessary to create packaging that is extravagant and loud, you can keep things simple yet achieve the same results. All you will have to do is utilize light colors and differentiate your packaging by stylizing content used on the packaging.

You can also utilize different primal cues that affect emotions to easily connect with your prospective customers. Such bio-motive triggers help in drawing instinctual reactions when people see a particular type of product packaging.


What consumers look for?

It is likely that people will not be able to consciously recognize different ways product packaging design affects their purchase decisions but, there are certainly a few details that they actively check for before actually buying anything. Let us see what they are.


  • Identifiable Packaging: Customers expect packaging that will help them easily identify the brand and its product. In addition, most important information related to the product needs to be highlighted on the package itself, like the ingredients in a food item or clothing size.
  • Protective and Storage Features: People also look for protective and storage features for some products and if your product packaging meets this requirement then they will be more inclined to buy the product. For such products consumers will check whether the packaging is easy to use, compact, and durable.
  • Sustainable Packaging: With increase in awareness about sustainability, people nowadays show more interest in sustainable packaging which can be reused or recycled. Similarly, inclination towards minimalist packaging is also increasing since it makes use of fewer materials.


If you need assistance with creation of unique and attractive packaging for your product then give us a call or email us and as a premier packaging company in Toronto we will develop a strategy on how to make your product stand out through attention grabbing packaging.