Are Postcards Right For You ? Pt2

In our last instalment we spoke about how the application of Email Marketing has almost made the Postcard a tool that sometimes gets ignored  or missed when trying to get your message seen. Some folks aren’t sure exactly how to implement postcards into their marketing plan so in our last post we highlighted a few great uses for postcards which included, connecting with in-correct email addresses and reaching potential new customers.  A few other great applications for postcards would also include:

Connecting with those clients who don’t respond to your emails. No matter how good of a job you do on your email marketing efforts, there are those who don’t bother to read what you’re sending them.  We live in a busy time were information is coming at us very quickly and changing the way you communicate by sending this group a postcard is a nice way to get your message front & center and re-engage them with your company and its offerings.
You want to create a larger, integrated marketing campaign. Email marketing is a great cost effective way to reach your existing and potential clients. The MGS PRINT team provides this service to many of our clients on a monthly basis,  But it is not the end all, be all of an effective marketing plan.  You can send a postcard out to email recipients to reinforce your message or to even announce that a special offer email is coming their way on this date.  Combining these efforts along with a solid online presence in social media and the web will only increase your campaigns successfulness.
At the end of the day, the objective is to get your message seen, but a common mistake is that we only tend to focus on one type of media or outlet.  In order to have success in your marketing you need to come up with a plan that incorporates a few different media’s/outlets to get your message front and center.
Until next time.. Stay Creative