Business Cards 101- What to Consider

When Batman is requested to attend a meeting he uses the bat signal, while Zorro finishes a meeting by branding you with his iconic letter ā€œZā€. Big and flashy seem to work for these Superhero’s, but what is the best way to achieve a lasting impression after a meeting with one of your prospective clients?

When meeting new clients or connections, your business card is an extension of yourself and what you have to offer. Your business card is a representation of yourself that you leave behind that acts as a gentle reminder of the conversation you had and the type of work you do.

How can you relay who you are through a piece of paper you leave behind? Is your business fresh and innovative or classic and strong? When is the last time you received a business card that made you pause for a second and admire or appreciate the creativity that has been given to you.

More and more business owners and marketing managers are pushing the envelope when it comes to what they’re doing with the company’s business cards and branding. They understand that the Business Card has moved beyond just relaying contact information, and is are a small marketing piece in itself. You are seeing more thought process of design and finishing elements being introduced to enhance the final product. Weather its a simple design with straight lines, or the involvement of some sort of finishing like foil stamping or specialty papers business cards are here to make a statement!

There are 3 major elements that go into a strong business card; Graphic Design, Paper, and Finish. You must have all three of these elements working together for you to create a final product that will leave a lasting impression.

Your occupation will sometimes dictate your graphic design choice, while both your occupation and design play a large role in what paper your card should be printed on, after which you can then select complementary finishes to give your card the edge it needs to stand out.

Building a business card is a science, and we at MGS have perfected that science. If the only information the your graphic designer is asking for is your contact info, then its time to call MGS.

Until Next Time Stay Creative.