What can you do with a Business Card?

Are Business cards a thing of the past or are people still using them, and if so how?  We examined how the business card has evolved and how there are many different uses for them in today’s market place to help you leave your mark.

Business cards can be many things: a conversation starter, a mini billboard, a helpful resource, and even a small brochure. No matter the shape, size, or color, a business card is a tiny card with the potential to provide big results when used wisely.  Here are a few ways to market with a business card:

• Give your card a purpose, such as turning it into a sticker, loyalty card, event ticket, or bookmark.

• Turn your card into a resource by including a calendar of events, map, or a list of helpful websites.

• Get creative with your business cards, such as using them as hang tags on gifts, or a statement stuffer or promotional tear-away.

• Include information about what makes your business unique, such as “Free delivery, no minimums” or “Evening and weekend appointments available.”

• Add credibility with a brief testimonial, customer quote, or a link to customer references.

• Consider adding special customizations, such as a creative die-cut shape or edging, foil stamping, anniversary seals, and more to be remembered.

• Get remembered by adding your photo on your business card.

• Promote your support for a social cause, such as, “Proud supporters of the Humane Society of the United States.”

• Grab attention with a fun fact or an intriguing question that will get people thinking.

•Make the back of the card into a coupon that can be redeemed on there next visit.

These are just a few ideas of how to utlilize business cards in your day to day marketing.  A business card is small enough to fit into anyone’s pocket or purse and if excictuted correctly a great way to stir up some new business.

If you’d like help creating the perfect business card your audience will love, contact our creative team today at contact@mgsmarketing.ca

Until next time… Stay Creative.