Coloured Edge Business Cards

Coloured Edges on business cards… You can do that?

At MGS Print we paint/stain business cards by the thousands every week. This process is difficult for most companies to do because there can be numerous problems ranging from the paint bleeding across corners or onto the front or back of the cards. There can also be issues with long production time and sky high prices. But we’re not most companies!

After dedicating hundreds of hours to testing new equipment, new paints and inks, different application methods and ventilation methods, we’ve accomplished 8 goals that make our coloured edged business cards beautiful and cost effective for our clients.

  • We eliminated color variation among the four sides
  • We perfectly apply 2 colours to meet precisely at each corner of the card (no overlap on the corner)
  • We eliminated colour bleeding on the front or back of the cards
  • We eliminated rough edges
  • We are able to offer hundreds of colours and pantones.
  • We reduced production time substantially
  • We can apply this process to rounded edged business cards.

Reduce prices by a very wide margin!

 Key Features

  • Seemingly endless numbers of very bright colours and pantones.
  • Coloured cards are unique
  • We offer coloured edging on a variety of different card finishings include Velvet, Silk and Natural stocks.

 Key Benefits

  • Cards don’t just stand out from others, but rather they “JUMP” out from other cards
  • Colours could be corporate colours, theme colours, product colours, etc. The list is endless!
  • Painted/stained cards have a great deal of value added and will get you noticed quickly.

These are just a few Features and Benefits that can take your business card from ordinary to extraordinary and get you noticed the next time your in a meeting or networking event.  Your first impression is a lasting impression, and being remembered as the person with that really nice business card isn’t such a bad thing.  In a word were we process information and images by the thousands daily why not stick out with a statement of your own.

If you have any questions about our colours or would like to see a sample of our work feel free to contact us at and request a sample.  Let the MGS team of experts help you craft the perfect business cards that will get your customers talking.

Until next time…Stay Creative.