What to consider when putting together a logo

A Logo, when properly conceptualized and designed, visually represents your business and becomes part of your branding initiatives, reflecting your professionalism and trustworthiness. Logo development and growth is a relentless task that is forever evolving as your brand evolves.

While engaging in this task a good first step would be to establishing and strengthening your brand’s position in the industry. When executed properly, your logo will become a unique identity for your business, which will help customers easily recognize your brand.  Due to shortening attention span of consumers it is necessary to quickly convince prospective customers that your products and services are worth considering. With a well-designed logo you will be able to grab the attention of customers and properly communicate core values of your business.

The second step would be to develop a logo in such a way that it is easy to remember and becomes a symbol which consumers use for recognizing your business.  Anyone can markup a page and call something a logo, but experienced logo designers focus on making the logo aesthetically appealing and visually attractive, the utilize the logo to tell people how your company is different from rest of the competition. For instance, there could be 100 businesses in your niche, but only you have adopted sustainability initiatives. Brand develop experts will highlight this fact by designing an earthy green logo that matches your core values.

Below are a few logo Tips that might help you out along the way:

  • Ensure that the logo is attractive so that it draws attention of your customers as well as people in general. Utilize colors and fonts as they fit your liking and industry.
  • Focus on creating a logo that it completely unique, having its own identity that is completely different from other logos. Sometimes simplicity is unique in itself.
  • Remember you will be using your logo on many different platforms. Ensure that it looks good in many different orientations and is scalable to be used without a loss in quality. (Vector based artwork.)
  • A logo cannot show something that is not related to your business. The focus is on designing a logo that functions as a foundation for rest of your branding strategies. Ensure you have these strategies mapped out prior to starting your logo development.

By properly designing a logo and the colors that will surround your brand is a great first step to assisting facilitates your brand development.  Once this is complete you will need to dive further into the brand development, but that something we will touch upon on another article.

Until next time… Stay Creative.