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What to Consider when updating your Website

Often when clients approach us to re-design or update there website they are looking to make things better or look fresh and updated. Our approach has always been to find a happy marriage between aesthetics and functionality. There are certain items that you should always evaluate and have on your checklist before undergoing this exercise, and we have seen some re-design failures in our time that mainly occur due to the fact that businesses depend upon assumptions that the website designer or company makes about there website to make it more attractive and user-friendly.

Below are our Top 3 Blunders that we most commonly see during a website re-designs or update:

1. Too Many Changes To quickly: It is likely that when your site is re-designed or updated, there will be many changes that will be made which will potentially have a positive reaction from your users. But it is also inevitably that there will be some changes that will be viewed as negative changes as well. Hence by introducing smaller changes that are done over a span of a few months will help judge the effect and cause of these changes. It is important that before you deploy any changes to your live website it is always best practice to have them done on a test environment were you can review these changes before pushing them to the live site ensuring it is error free.

2. Emphasis on UX Design Instead of Conversions: UX designers tend to be experts in creating visually appealing websites. This is important as you want to grab your viewers attention, But many of these designers do not have the expertise in designing a site that will help to increase your conversion rates. As such you should do some research before choosing your designer/firm. Conversion optimizers are key to getting visits to your site and helping aid conversions. What is the point of a beautiful website if it cannot be found!

3. A Drop in SEO Ranking: Another problem that commonly occurs when doing an update is a drop in ranking of your website for important keywords that it was ranking for before the changes were made. There could be many reasons for drop in page ranking from an increase in 404 pages, loss of meta description and page titles, increase in page load time, to a reduction in keyword density when content was re-structured. It is very critical to consider these factors prior to doing an update as the ranking of your website in search results will suffer and you will start losing visitors.

We hope the above will help aid your next web update and provided you with some information to ask the person doing the update for you. If you are looking for professional assistance, as a website design agency MGS has the expertise and experience to re-design or update your site to give it a fresh look. By taking a full on approach to perform necessary test and ensure sales and conversions actually increase on your site as a result of the redesign.

Until next time.. Stay Creative.