Coupon/ Ad pads are perfect for Customer Engagement

When it comes to marketing, one of the easiest ways to grab your customers’ attention is with a coupon and Ad pad.  While many printed promotional items can be seen and quickly forgotten, coupons are often held onto be the recipient with intentions of taking advantage of offer. Because coupons are specific to your business and products, consumers are generally less likely to buy a competitor’s product. MGS print has been printing these coupons for many years and for many of our clients the constantly yield a great result for them.

Bellow are a few coupon / Ad pad ideas that we would recommend to get your message noticed:

  • Offer a creative discount, like a BOGO (buy one, get one), an upgrade coupon (large for the price of a small), or dollar/percentage saving campaigns that grabs the consumers attention. (50% off)
  • Promote a product bundle that features a discounted price when purchased together. ( Save $50 when purchased together)
  • Offer a scratch-off mystery savings or a secret code with a discount amount that can only be revealed at the time of purchase.
  • Encourage customer engagement and build your email list at the same time by offering specific promotions only available online via your newsletter.
  • Use photos on the coupons to enhance consumer response and increase desire. (most consumers are visual buyers)
  • Promote specific benefits, such as: save money, save time, improve your health, protect your family, and more.
  • Up-sell whenever possible by providing a discount on a complementary item or service.
  • Encourage repeat visitors by distributing coupons with each purchase.
  • Consider creating coupon campaigns that target specific groups, such as pet owners, mothers, teachers, senior citizens, etc.
  • Track the response rate of promotions by including a special code on each coupon campaign. This will help you with future campaigns as you will be able to track the success rates of each campaign you put out.


Whether you’d like help with creating a simple coupon or a mailer that features a tear-away coupon,  our creative team of design and print experts are here to help make your next campaign a success.

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Until next time …Stay Creative.