Coupon Postcards That Get Results

Coupon Postcards are a fun and creative way to ensure your direct mail postcards get noticed? Consider designing your postcard as an oversized coupon! Utilizing odd shapes and sizes is a easy way to standout from the rest of the competition. Coupon postcards are a win-win for you and your audience. Not only are they an affordable way to spread your message, but they also provide valuable savings for your customers, and offers rewards for visiting your location(s).

Here are a few ways to add a healthy punch to your coupon postcards:

•Design the full postcard as a coupon, so when it is redeemed, you can easily track redemption by using the customer information on the back. Full color postcards are more likely to catch your audience’s s attention vs a 1 color option.  Say it loud with bright color!

•Consider a unique die-cut shape that is relative to your promotion. Traditional sizes tend to get los in the masses.  A unique die cut that is interesting is sure to spark some interest that generally leads to the recipient engaging with the ad.

•Super-size it. Consider an oversized postcard that demands more attention, or even a fold-over postcard coupon, using half as an advertisement, and half as a tear-away coupon. Go big for big results.  These oversized pieces will cost you more to send ointment, but they will put you front and center in the pack.

•Design your postcard as a heartfelt thank you, and include an exclusive coupon that shows customers how much you appreciate their business.  This is a slightly different approach then simply saying 20% off.  Thanking you customer for past purchases or visiting your site, being a member etc. With a special offer is always a great tactic to maintain customers loyalty.

•Create a monthly product spotlight postcard campaign that highlights various products or services you offer, and includes a coupon discount.  This is a great approach for those business that have lots to offer and cant fit it all into 1 ad.  Focus on 1 or 2 products and showcase them this month.  Planing these promotions months in advance is a great strategy as you might want to focus on seasonal items or designs.

With any sort of advertising its all best to have a plan of action and a targeted list to attack.  Some of the ideas proposed above are good for mass mailers, while others are better suited to a targeted audience.  With any sort of advertising you want to track your results and be sure that you are adjusting  your ads as you go to ensure the best possible return.

Until next time…Stay Creative