Creative Marketing with Postcards

Creative Marketing with Postcards

Postcards are overlooked cost-effective marketing pieces that are more likely to be read than a direct mail letter. Let the MGS team show you how to make the most of these low cost mailers for your business.

There’s nothing new or creative about a postcard, but how about using them in a unique way. Most business owners don’t use postcards as a marketing tool. Those that do, use them infrequently and haphazardly, with no strategy leading to poor campaign results. Postcards are very cost-effective they can be used as a high-frequency marketing tool.  Because they are 6 times more likely to be read than a direct mail letter, this makes them also a high-impact marketing tool. The ability to be high frequency and high-impact makes the postcard mailer extremely effective in the marketplace when executed correctly.

The real power of a postcard is the ability to be high frequency. This repeatability ensures your message gets seen. Marketing is a numbers game and consistency is the key with any form of advertising.  Let help you succeed by designing a high impact postcard that will get your message noticed.

Postcards have a high recall rate by recipients for two reasons:

  • The use of colour or a picture provides a visual that is easily remembered
  • Postcards are intimate by nature and are much more personal

One side of the postcard is your “billboard”. Ideally you want to come up with a headline that screams your value – the single most important benefit you provide your prospects and clients.  The other side can contain a message specific to an individual mailing plus how to contact you to take advantage of this sale or promotion.

Every time you mail a postcard, your prospects and clients see your value statement.  Once created and proof read, the next step is a scheduled campaign.  A solid schedule will help to drive results.  There are many different strategies for postcard mailers, dependent on the message and your industry. Most successful postcard advertisers like to send out postcards every two weeks for two months or once a month for six months. Postcards work well in tandem with other marketing weapons like e-mails, telephone calls, and personal visits. Establish a frequency that fits your product and your offer and stick with it. You will be top-of-mind in your prospects eyes for very little money.

To conclude, the most important thing to remember about postcard marketing and strategy is: state your value; repeat it; repeat it again; keep doing it. Repetition is KEY!

Let the MGS team help you build a postcard strategy to get your message in front of your audience and make a lasting impression.

Until next time.. Stay Creative.