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What are the Essential Elements of Corporate Brand Identity?

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Brands can only establish themselves and achieve recognition when they successfully build their brand identity. If they have strong brand identity then it can help them gain attention, trust, and loyalty of their customers. Our aim here will be to explore things brands should do to build as well as strengthen their corporate brand identity.

Important Elements of Corporate Brand Identity: Corporate brand identity is a lot more than merely having a logo. Let us go through details of what else is involved in it.

Wordmark or Logo: 

Logo or wordmark is one of the primary elements of brand identity. Logo refers to a graphical symbol and wordmark is simply name of the company set in a certain way. Many companies decide to utilize a wordmark instead of a logo since it is easier to design the same and costs less.

Apart from that designing a logo which will be able to represent your business is oftentimes a concern, which is why many organizations opt for a wordmark.

Wordmark can easily deliver your brand message in a professional way without the need for a visual representation in the form of a logo. There are good number of companies that opt for a wordmark and achieve success with the same. Few examples include well-known brands such as FedEx, Mobil, CNN, and Coca-Cola.

However, your creative agency will have to ensure that the words are designed professionally and use the right typeset. Apart from logo, there should also be multiple logo lockups or variations so that you can use them according to place where it is to be used. For instance, black and white as well as color variations might be required.

Similarly, you may require variations for square and horizontal applications or circular or square applications such as for avatars and profile pictures. However, all these lockups should have same qualities and features that your original logo has.

Corporate Typeface: 

You need to decide about the fonts that are to be used on your website as well as printed materials. Many times what the branding agency will do is select a typeface from the logo itself. But, if the logo style is too decorative then it cannot be used for proposals and letters.

Thus, it will be necessary to search for complementary typeface that can be used in all marketing material to develop an integrated brand identity. Your creative agency should keep note of the fact that every font is not available for both PC and Mac. As such, if different systems will be used for creating documents then it will be necessary to select compatible fonts.

Style Consistency: 

Style consistency is particularly important for images and accordingly, images used must have consistency in their look and feel. For instance, it could be brightly lit photos in which people are looking directly at the camera or the images may use perceptive color palette with people not looking at the camera but rather engaged in their work.

Similarly, photos may be crisply detailed, have a soft focus, or be close-ups. Apart from photos, it could be illustrations, line arts, or similar other graphical elements. Irrespective of the kind of imagery being used, it should have a consistent style across all verticals, whether it is online or print media.

Apart from images, the brand colors are also important and ideally, you should select one to three main colors to represent your brand. Your branding agency should keep note of the emotions conveyed by colors and select ones that match brand identity of your business.

For instance, calmness is expressed by blue while energy and passion are expressed by yellow. Your creative agency may well use different shades or tints of the same color to adjust the emotions that the color represents.

Shape and Form: 

Another important aspect of brand identity is the shape and form of different elements that represent your brand. This effective yet subtle element can be utilized for branding purpose.

For instance, if your logo comprises soft edges and circles then people will react differently to it compared to when they see a logo that is square and sharp.

Different shapes and lines kindle different feelings, let us briefly go through the details here:

  • Round shapes symbolize things that are warm and help in creating a feeling of unity.
  • Shapes with straight edges evoke the feelings of efficiency and strength. In addition, the straight edges and lines resemble trustworthiness and stability.
  • Straight lines such as vertical lines imply strength and masculinity and on the other hand, horizontal lines express mellow vibes and tranquility.

Theme Lines/Tag Lines: 

Tag lines or theme lines help in easily identifying the brand. If the theme line becomes popular, it becomes part of brand identity and people tend to remember them for long.

Few good examples include Nike’s “Just do it” and KFC’s “It’s finger lickin’ good”. If it is attractive theme line, people will easily remember it and associate it with your brand.

Visual Elements: 

Graphical elements when planned and designed properly help in building as well as strengthening brand identity. Another good thing about these visual elements is that they are capable of drawing attention of users towards them. These graphical elements assist in quickly identifying a brand without having to rely on words.

The dynamic ribbon of Coca-Cola, flower pattern of Louis Vuitton, and a pattern of C’s for Coach are excellent examples of how graphical elements can be effectively utilized as part of branding for a business.

As we can see, there are various elements that are to be used together to strengthen your brand identity. If you are looking for a professional branding agency to help you with your branding efforts then give us a call and we will develop a branding strategy that will provide effective results for your business.

At MGS we have helped many companies create and establish there brand, with visual and online graphics.  Keeping the constancy the same across all platforms.  If you find yourself stuck, feel free to give us a call, We would be glad to talk to you.

Until next time… stay creative.