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What are the Essential Elements of Corporate Brand Identity?-Pt2

Back again and we are talking Branding and what Elements you should consider when trying to establish your brand.  In our last blog we touched on a few points and we are going to continue with the rest to help you round out your design!

Shape and Form: Another important aspect of brand identity is the shape and form of different elements that represent your brand. This effective yet subtle element can be utilized for branding purpose.

For instance, if your logo comprises soft edges and circles then people will react differently to it compared to when they see a logo that is square and sharp.

Different shapes and lines kindle different feelings, let us briefly go through the details here:

  • Round shapes symbolize things that are warm and help in creating a feeling of unity.
  • Shapes with straight edges evoke the feelings of efficiency and strength. In addition, the straight edges and lines resemble trustworthiness and stability.
  • Straight lines such as vertical lines imply strength and masculinity and on the other hand, horizontal lines express mellow vibes and tranquility.

Theme Lines/Tag Lines: Tag lines or theme lines help in easily identifying the brand. If the theme line becomes popular, it becomes part of brand identity and people tend to remember them for long.

Few good examples include Nike’s “Just do it” and KFC’s “It’s finger lickin’ good”. If it is attractive theme line, people will easily remember it and associate it with your brand.

Visual Elements: Graphical elements when planned and designed properly help in building as well as strengthening brand identity. Another good thing about these visual elements is that they are capable of drawing attention of users towards them. These graphical elements assist in quickly identifying a brand without having to rely on words.

The dynamic ribbon of Coca-Cola, flower pattern of Louis Vuitton, and a pattern of C’s for Coach are excellent examples of how graphical elements can be effectively utilized as part of branding for a business.

As we can see, there are various elements that are to be used together to strengthen your brand identity. If you are looking for a professional branding agency to help you with your branding efforts then give us a call and we will develop a branding strategy that will provide effective results for your business.

At MGS we have helped many companies create and establish there brand, with visual and online graphics.  Keeping the constancy the same across all platforms.  If you find yourself stuck, feel free to give us a call, We would be glad to talk to you.

Until next time… stay creative.