Event Printing on a budget ?.. We got you covered!

Getting ready for your next event and you are not to sure what you should have or what you could afford? Here are a few creative yet affordable print marketing ideas to make a positive impression at your next event or tradeshow:

  • Conference and event booklets are a great way to provide a detailed schedule, information on keynote speakers, workshops, map, and more. MGS TIP: To keep things simple you could create a 4 page booklet that is very cost effective.
  • Posters and banners can be placed anywhere you want to grab attention. MGS TIP13×19 is a nice affordable size.
  • Table tents are a creative way to turn any table or counter at your event into a marketing opportunity to promote your products and services. MGS TIP:  We offers small run quantities on these table tent cards in a variety of sizes from 4×6 to 8×11.
  • Labels and stickers are a great conference giveaway and can enhance your marketing materials, add a distinctive finishing touch, and get your branding and messaging in front of your audience. MGS TIP: Adding a die cut to this give away will make it memorable
  • Lined notepads are an ideal giveaway during conferences, seminars, and business meetings. MGS TIP: Try different sizes to stand out from the heard!
  • Presentation folders are perfect for organizing sales packets, business proposals, promotional materials, free samples, press kits, and more! MGS TIP:  We offers small run quantities on presentation folder, helping save your bottom line!
  • Flyers are a very flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to promote an endless variety of products and services or educate your audience. MGS TIP: We offer small run quantities on all sorts of sizes and finishings.

By Implementing all or a few of these items at your next event, will surely get your message seen.  Need some help creating the perfect product mix for your next event?  Give us a call, and let’s get you noticed!

Until next time… Stay Creative.