Final Steps to a Perfect Business Card

In our final post we will be focusing on the finishings that can be applied to your business card such as embossing, foiling, round corners, colored edges, and UV Coatings. These finishings are just a few examples of that you can add to your business card to take them to the next level. At MGS Print & Graphics we really take our time and go through these finishes with our clients to ensure they make the best choice based on their needs.

When deciding to add any of these features to your business card, you first need to familiarize yourself with the effect the finishing will have on the finished card itself. A perfect example would be if you choose to emboss the front of your business card. This process will affect the reverse side as the embossing process involves pushing any image or text from one side of the business card to create a three-dimensional impression on the other side, thus distorting one side.

Another finishing that you might want to consider with a solid colour business card would be the application of rounded corners. Rounding the corners of a business card help keep the edges from looking worn as they are placed in your wallet. Nothing looks worse than handing a potential client a business card where the corners are all rough and bent.

A fairly new finishing that has really gained popularity with our customers is Spot UV. This finishing is a treatment that emphasizes certain elements on your card such as text or images by applying a glossy coating over your desired image or text. This can also be done in reverse where you make the overall card glossy and then dull out the items that you wish to be focal points. This method tends to work best with layered dark images and backgrounds, making them really POP!

At MGS Print & Graphics we offer all the finishes mentioned above and more. Let our team of experts create your next business card and help you make the right selection from paper to finishing. Lets make your next business card something worth remembering.

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