Is a Gatefold Right for You?

I’m Often asked “ What is s Gate fold and how does it fold properly?

Open arms of a gatefold will grab more attention, pulling a target audience into what you have to say. When I say “grab,” I’m referring to the pages ..that will literally unfold out of the magazine wide enough to reach out and grab the attention of many readers. Gatefolds generally open up wide enough to display large, panoramic images helping deliver your message loud and clear.

A gatefold is a printed sheet that is made with four panels and is commonly placed within publications as a means of increasing overall printing space.
The left and right panels of the printed sheet fold inward with parallel folds, meeting at the center of the publication without overlapping. Six panels (three on the front and three on the back) are created with a standard gatefold as shown below:

Eight panels (four on the front and four on the back) result from using a “closed gatefold” format, which adds one more fold at the center of the document

Of course, if you flip through a magazine you will be greeted by a gatefold or two, however it does not mean that this format can only be used for these types of publications. This form of publishing is a great option for your next newsletter, party invitation, newspaper insert, menu or brochure. The size of the gatefold makes it easy to hand out to potential customers at expos and events offering a lot of information in a single brochure. Plus, because of the condensed size, using this format will help save  on postage costs when mailing brochures to customers and potential customers.

Using a gatefold in your advertising pieces are a unique and creative advertising tactic that will grab your audience’s attention encouraging them to open the folds and read more. That is if the gatefold does not jump out and grab them first.

Until next time…Stay Creative.