Mane Society

Integrating Social and Print Marketing

We frequently get asked for a creative way to boost  social media efforts and our simple answer is …print marketing.

Integrating Social and Print Marketing is and always will be a powerful way to communicate your message.   In today’s online space we are constantly  faced with information overload and need to look for ways to supplement/boost our ads to get traffic to our website.

Here are a few ways to expand your social efforts with print:
• Create labels to boost your social awareness and affix to mailings, packages, receipts, and more. Consider providing your URLs or usernames (such as your twitter handle), as well as inspiring reasons why they should join your social community (such as contests, weekly tips, or exclusive offers). Also including social links on business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures, and other print marketing is a great idea so that your customers always have a way of reaching you.

• Send direct mail coupons or promos as a physical reminder since it’s easy to forget something seen for only a few seconds on social media.  The power of paper is still out there and helps to reinforce your message.

• Use social reviews and testimonials in your print marketing efforts. If you received 5-stars and an outstanding review, feature it in your print newsletter or relevant marketing flyer.  These awards and accommodations will help drive home why your existing and potentially new customers should be working with you.

• Use social media to give customers a heads up to expect something exciting in their mailboxes, such as a VIP invite or exclusive offer.   This will help create excitement.

• Create a sign-up for your latest product catalog on social media and mail it to interested parties.

• Promote an event or upcoming sale with direct mail and refer readers to follow you on social media for details. This method is great for tracking the success rate of your mailer.

• Reward your social media followers with exclusive coupons and other promos sent to their mailbox.  The rewards of following you will lead to more followers.

The above are a few ideas that can help to engage your clients and prospects.  If you need some assistance with your next campaign give us a call at 416.546.6470 and lets work together to increase your web visits and converting those visits to customers.

Until next time… Stay Creative.