Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

In May 2015, Google confirmed that mobile searches had exceeded desktop searches in 10 countries including the US, Canada and Japan.

This milestone had been anticipated for some time, and reflected in an April 2015 change to their ranking algorithm, which heavily favoured mobile-friendly sites during mobile searches. Mobile-friendly, in Google’s eyes, meant that these certain website characteristics where satisfied. For example:

▪           Text is large enough to read

▪           Links aren’t too close together

▪           Content width doesn’t exceed the screen size

▪           Mobile viewport is set

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test provides an easy way to assess your website.


For many of us we are continually re-evaluating the state of our website, the furthest thought from our minds is    “ Is it Google friendly”. Yet, our own mobile browsing experience validates what Google already knows: browsing a non-mobile friendly website on a tiny mobile device is painful – and often leads to abandonment. You can argue the validity of things like e-commerce, mobile SEO, etc – but the ability to swipe between photos and easily navigate a site menu is indisputable and has become an every day norm for most users.  Once you experience a mobile friendly site, you really can’t go back.

The MGS team is constantly updating and working with our clients to ensure their websites are up-to-date and following the most current guidelines and requirements as the web world evolves.

At MGS Print and Graphics we are here to help with all your questions and better position your website for a overall greater experience for everyone that visits.   Contact us today and see why so many of our clients new and old trust us to build their websites to suite their needs.

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