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Large Document Sleeves

We are asked from time to time again from our clients, what else can we do to stand out from our competition?

A easy way to get noticed while having multiple uses is to create large, custom-printed document sleeves.  These sleeves are a unique way to protect, organize, and offer a classy finishing touch to your printed marketing materials and documents.

Documents sleeves are a great way to keep contents confidential and create suspense for recipients. The outer sleeve can range from a one-color, simple yet elegant design to a full-color, mini-billboard marketing opportunity. Sleeves can be further customized with unique finishing touches, such as foil stamping, embossing, or High Gloss UV, die cutting and spot varnish or uv.

Document sleeves are a great way to present a bundle of marketing information in various sizes, such as high-quality brochures, receipts/warranty info, promotional labels, and much more. They can also be a creative and durable way to package your marketing collateral and other essential documents for e-commerce orders or in-store purchases.  Because document sleeves are fully enclosed and protected on three sides (with a top or side opening), they do not require a flap or seal. A thumb notch makes it easy to take documents out and put back. Basically the uses are endless, and if executed correctly will be re-used by your clients keeping your business visible.  When creating these documents sleeves you most ensure you are using good quality card stock that is not to thin or flimsy.  Last thing you want is the contents inside to be damaged and your business associated with a negative situation.


If you’d like help creating the perfect document sleeve for your organization or help with other design ideas, we’d love to help!   Feel free to contact us at and lets get started.

Until Next time… Stay Creative.