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Large Format Printing and Important Aspects to Consider

The good thing about large format printed materials is that it tends to have greater visibility due to their large size, which in turn increases the chances that your prospective customers will remember product you are selling. These are ideal for reception areas, entrance halls, and similar other locations  where your prospective customers can view them easily.

Moreover, large format printing can be done on virtually any type of surface. Large format prints are normally 24 inch wide, but they can be of any size. In the following sections we will explore various aspects related to the printing.

Things to Consider While Printing Large Format Material

Prevent Fading:The time before a large format print fades depends upon different factors. Most of the time fading occurs because of direct sunlight. You can minimize fading by utilizing certain inks (like UV inks) as well as laminates and by keeping the graphic out of sunlight.

Normally, yellow, orange, red, and other warm colors fade first compared to greens and blue. To avoid the problem of fading what you can do is over-laminate your large format prints using a UV-protective film.

Printing from a PDF: You need to keep note of the fact that if some particular elements are to be modified for color enhancement in a PDF file, then such adjustments cannot be done by large format printing company. All they can do is carry out global color corrections. However, if spot colors have been defined in a PDF file then they can utilize spot color replacement application to manipulate the colors.

Rolling Large Format Prints: You can roll large format prints but make sure these are not rolled tightly, particularly when they are laminated. For laminated graphics you will have to ensure that they are rolled, the diameter should be more than 12 inches.

Aspects to Analyze for Large Format Printing: There are several details that you need to keep note of before approaching a printing company with your large format printing requirement.

  • Take Image of Right Resolution: When taking an image, ensure that the camera is set to take the largest size picture. In addition, the resolution should be highest and image should be saved in RAW format and not in JPG.
  • Calculate Print Size: The picture may look good on your computer screen but it may not look the same when printed on a large banner. The best thing to do is to calculate print size an image will have. All you will have to do is divide actual height and width of the image by 300. For instance, if some image has a 4200 x 2100 pixels dimension then it will have a print size of 14 x 7 inch.
  • Use Vector Images: If normal BMP, JPEG, or JPG images are resized, it results in pixelated or blocky prints. On the other hand, if you use vector images, then the printing company can easily scale such images to any size without loss of quality.

Custom Finishes: Irrespective of whether printing is to be done on tiles, canvas, or plastic, it is possible to select a finish that matches your requirements. If required for outdoor use, large format prints can be done as mounted or laminated option. Similarly, if building sized graphics is required then the printing company can tile print and meld to create the final graphics.

Different Materials: Apart from soft plastic and paper, it is possible to print on leather and fabrics. In addition, large format printers can print on metal, tiles, or wood. It is also possible to print on glass so that it looks as if the image is engraved on it.

Flexibility and Diversified Applications: Popularity of large format printing stems from the fact that it is a very flexible printing option and lets you choose from different substrates to print on. It can be a small ID badge for a conference or a building signage, the options you can select from are limitless.

Unique Features:Large format printers are able to combine RGB inks with the CMYK inks to provide richer and deeper colors and offer photo-realistic imagery, commonly seen on a computer or television screen. These printers are capable to printing as well as cutting batches of customized die-cut pieces, offering economies of scale. Additionally, the printing company can print using different weatherproof coatings, solutions, and substrates that are designed to provide rugged durability.

Conventional printers usually print on rolls of paper or individual sheets while large format printers are capable of handling giant rolls of different materials. Moreover, these printers are able to print directly over hard plastic, tile, wood, and similar other rigid substrates.

Different Substrates: There are different substrates that you can choose from. Let us look at few of the common ones here.

  • Acrylic: Benefit of printing on acrylic is that it provides your imagery great optical depth and luminance. Since it is a light material, mounting or hanging it is very easy. It is the ideal substrate if you are looking for lightbox applications, photographic images, or quality signage.
  • Coroplast: Coroplast is a corrugated plastic that is produced using polypropylene sheet and is a very lightweight material. It is also weather resistant and waterproof, making it an ideal option for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Dibond: This substrate consists of aluminum facers on all sides with a plastic core. Important features of dibond are that it is a maintenance free, smooth, and long-lasting material. It is possible to utilize both aluminum faces for printing and offers excellent resilience to nature’s elements. Thus, it is the right option if you are outdoor or indoor mounting applications.
  • Foamcore: Foam board or foamcore is very lightweight and considered right solution for indoor signage. Moreover, it is quite rigid and can be easily mounted on any type of wall.
  • Removal Vinyl: This type of vinyl material has a removable adhesive backing, making it suitable to interior applications. Removable adhesive means that the material can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

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