Oversized table talkers are really catching on.

Oversized table talkers are really catching on, But what are they?
A larger version of table tents cards that are typically found on tables in most restaurants, bars and pretty much any table that will allow them.  The larger  cousin of your traditional tent cards, this oversized marketing piece is an affordable and creative way to get your message in front of your audience. Because of the size it’s really hard to avoid them. Oversized table talkers typically feature a large triangular tri-fold vertical design or quad-fold vertical design. When designed with eye-catching graphics and bold messaging, they become a great table centerpiece that demands attention. 


Oversized table talkers are a great way to dress up any flat surface at conferences and other trade show events, waiting areas, point-of-purchase displays, checkout counters, waiting rooms, restaurants, and coffee shops. They can be used to spread the word about upcoming events or sales, new products or services, as well as industry tips and tricks.  Typically printed to a rigid card stock that will support the height and avoid the table talker from flopping order.  Above is a oversized piece we created for our friends at Glenlivet.  The final size of each side was 8.5×11 with lots a visible room and easy to read text due to the size of the Oversized table talker.
The MGS Team has been creating items like this for many of our clients helping them to get noticed in a day an age were you only have seconds to grab a potential customers attention. With over 15years of experience with graphic design and print production, let our team assist you in creating the perfect table talker or unique marketing piece for your organization or business.  
Feel free to look through our galleries at  https://mgsmarketing.ca/services/design-print/   to see examples of what we can do for you. 
Until next time… Stay creative.