Paper options for your Business Cards

Welcome back everybody. Today we are going to be discussing choosing the right paper for your business card. With such a wide variety of papers available, we frequently get asked the question, which paper is right for me?

The first thing you need to address is what are you looking to achieve and do with your business card? Are you looking for the ability to write on your business card?  Are you looking to enhance the colours in the design?  Or are you more concerned about the weight and thickness of the card?

Let’s analyze these common questions, and help make your selection much simpler.  You might want the ability to be able to write on your card, so choosing a matte/ offset stock is your best choice as the finishing is easy to write on. Professions such as doctors and dentists commonly use this type of paper stock as they generally have an appointment reminder on the back of their cards.

If vivid colour or overall colour impact is what you are striving to showcase, then a high gloss card will assist the colour pallet and really make the colours bold and bright.  Professions such as photographers and artists commonly use this card stock to really showcase the colours in their work and give the overall finished product the true depth of colour.

In todays’ market more and more consumers are looking for thicker business cards that will make a statement. On average business cards tend to be between 12-14 points in thickness. MGS print and graphics offers a business card standard of 14-16 points in thickness, with the ability to print up to 40 point thickness with a Matte, Silk, Smooth, or Glossy finish, to accommodate your needs.

Once your paper is selected, the next step would be choosing any custom finishes. Until next time stay creative.