Postcards..are they for you? – Part 1

If you are thinking of starting a direct mail campaign, postcards can be one of the most versatile options. They offer a quick, affordable way to create smart, condensed marketing campaigns that can be utilized in many different ways. Postcards work just as well either in place of or in conjunction with your traditional direct-mail packages, and most important, with a little innovation, they can break through the clutter and deliver direct-marketing messages to your audience instantaneously. Let the team help create a campaign that fits your needs.

Small and portable postcards make a quick impact, so they should feature brief and to-the-point messages. Here are some ideas for using postcards:

  1. Drive brand awareness. Create a series of postcard mailings for campaigns geared toward establishing or strengthening your relationship with customers and potential customers. For this effort, information is key. Make sure your postcards briefly convey all the ways your organization can make your customers’ lives easier. Be sure to include all the information they need to contact you.
  1. Drive traffic to your Web site. Announce new features on your Web site, as well as new products or services. Postcards can also drive recipients to your site to sign up for offers (white papers, e-newsletters, etc.) or register for upcoming events.
  1. Advertise promotions. Inform your customers of your latest offer or monthly specials. Postcards can be sent quarterly, for example, to let customers know what you can do for them at various times of the year. With a little creativity, mailers can use postcards to bring in more business during slow times, such as seasonal specials.
  1. Show appreciation. Thank customers and donors for their purchases, and encourage a second purchase. Colourful, creative postcards—especially if they mention customers by name(personalized)—can be an effective way to let people know you don’t take them for granted. Such an effort creates good will and can prompt customers to shop with you again or sing your praises to colleagues. Consider adding a promotion code to spur an upcoming purchase. And remember that creativity is key: Try something humorous, unusual or particularly eye-catching.

Let  MGS show you how to effectively create an campaign that will help get you noticed.