Postcards..are they for you? – Part 2

Last time we dove into tips for creating effective postcards. We covered uses such as driving brand awareness, creating traffic for your website, advertising promotions, and showing customer appreciation. This week we continue our countdown with the final 4 tips for an effective postcard use.  So lets get to it!

  1. Follow up after an event. Use postcards to follow up with trade show leads. Personalized postcards using both variable images and text for specific needs help keep in contact with potential leads. Having specific use postcards based on, first, whether the recipient is a current or potential customer; second, the product the recipient may be interested in; and third, the location of the trade show.
  1. Develop loyalty. Build stronger relationships with your existing customers with variable data-printed postcards. This can work particularly well for purchases that need to be reordered periodically. By sending your customers a personalized postcard reminding them that they’re due to reorder or return for another service. If you include an offer of some kind, they’re more likely to reward your company with their continued business.
  1. Generate more business. Advertise to prospects or existing customers, especially in down times. Consider sending out personalized postcards that feature products similar to those previously purchased, and add an offer.
  1. Become social. Send your Twitter followers, LinkedIn colleagues and Facebook fans a non-digital surprise. LinkedIn contacts are perfect for this type of outreach, but don’t forget to try to mine your Twitter followers or even those who have “friended” your organization on Facebook. If your company is just getting into social media, send a postcard to customers or supporters to let them know how they can find you in the social media universe.

Postcards my seem simple but a well-designed and thorough strategy will help you to communicate information clearly, lend credibility to you and your business, and drive in more sales. Like anything consistency is the key, and not following a plan, will hinder the success of any campaign.

Let the team help you explore some options and lets get started on something great.

Until next time…stay creative.