Print and Marketing Ideas for Startups.- Pt1

In today’s day and age more and more people are deciding to take the entrepreneurship route and start their own business. With the evolution of the Internet this is  becoming easier but there are few things that these start ups need to keep in mind to ensure success.

When starting a business one must always consider there brand and what persuades a customer to trust a brand and start placing orders for products and services. 

Below are some key points that will help you better prepare to tackle your new start up and hopefully drive success:

1. Logo – When a customer looks at your logo what do they think?  What do the colours say about your product or service?  Is the font bold and strong or soft and trusting?  Depending on the product or service you will be offering you will want to explore these options with your graphic designer who can explain the effects that these colours and fonts have to your customer.

2. Business Cards – There is something to be said about have a nice business card that is professionally designed and printed to thick sturdy card stock that has a nice feel to it.  The trick with business cards is that you don’t want then to be like everyone else’s.  There are a lot of serves out there that offer templates stuff, but this just means that you will have something that the masses are doing.  This doesn’t always work out to your advantage.  Although the cost savings are there, the cards will be just like the next persons.  When choosing a paper stock you should look to see what options are available and what will work best with your brand and product and service you are offering.  For example, if you are in the technology sector you might want to consider a silk finish that offers a spot uv that is a little more advanced than a typical card, following a similar trend in the technology sector.

3. Stationary – Nothing looks better then having all your stationary match. From Letterheads to envelopes, noted pads and email signatures, all these items are used to communicate with your customers on a daily basis and are prime opportunities to help reinforced your brand awareness.

4. Banners and Signs – With more and more options of large format printing available to the everyday business owner, we are seeing a large number of new business putting up large banners, signs &  display boards to help them get there message seen.  These print items are no more cost effective and gives you the opportunity to update and change the artwork and promotions more frequently, helping keep the customer interested and engaged.


Stay Tuned as dive into a few more points in our next blog post!


Until next time, Stay creative.