Print and Marketing Ideas for Startups Pt2

Welcome back,

In our last blog post we touched on how more people are deciding to take the entrepreneurship route and start their own business. With the evolution of the Internet this is  becoming easier but there are few things that these start ups need to keep in mind to ensure success.

Below are our final key points that will help you better prepare to tackle your new start up and hopefully drive success:

5. Flyers/Brochures – When trying to promote a product or service, try putting yourself in the customer position, and offer a solution to a problem.  With the use of a Flyer or Brochure you will be able to list all/some of your offerings that a potential customer can read about and help them make a decision to move forward.  Flyers and Brochures also work well for doing mailers and general campaigning.  The Information can also be placed online on your website and used for social media advertising, with a little modification to fall within best practice guidelines.

6. Website – When building a website there are lot of options on how you can proceed and they  really depend on your comfort level and what your needs/future needs will be.

A few pointers to consider when starting the process are:

1. Have your registered a Domain name?

2. Decide on how many pages do you require

3. Do you want to have a gallery for your products?

4. Do you require a contact page/ From to screen potential inquires?

5. Will you be selling your product and service online, that would require a online cart.

6.  Will you be have links to your social media platforms?

7. Are you planning on blogging?

8. Do you need a SSL certification

9. Are you planning on doing your own updating?

10. Hosting options.?

There are more to consider, but utilizing the list above will give you a good stating point and the ability to start and contact potential web designers and companies to provide you with a quotation and get your website online.

7. Search Engine Optimization – Once all the above are done and customers are coming in or visiting you online, you will want to consider taking your website/advertising to the next level but increasing the traffic/viewers that are visiting your website that could potentially lead to an increase in sales.  There are a few different ways that you could approach SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that would include organically or with the use of Google Ad words.

Organic SEO  – is the process of updating your website and increasing the speed, content and working with affiliates and bloggers to drive traffic to your website.

Google Ad Words – Utilizing google tools you can pay to come up when someone is

Looking for something online. This method is based on a budget and key word search.  In this instance the highest bidder will come up first in the Key Word search and could be very costly.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and it by no means all sunshine and cake.  Successful Entrepreneurs have been known to spend 16-18hrs a day in there business, especially in the beginning stages to get there vision up and running.   These long hours and days help you to understand your business and build it the way you want.  With  a plan of action, hard work and consistency you too can strive to be an entrepreneur.

It has been said that “ A person with a plan will always beat a person skill”.  Plan your business, stay consistent and don’t be afraid to make changes along the way to help you succeed.


Until next time… Stay Creative.