Should you refresh your logo? Your Logos is what your consumer has grown to know and recognize you by all this time, so should you do it?

Just like people, organizations grow, change, and transform over time. This natural progression also holds true when it comes to your logo evolution.  Even if you don’t want to rebrand or overhaul your logo, a subtle logo refresh may be just what you need to relate to the ever changing design landscape.  In the below examples we can see how some of these notable companies were able to update there logos and keep there branding inline that the end consumers  would still be able to recognize who they are and what they do/offer.

By refreshing your logo, you can keep classic elements that have helped you establish brand recognition and modify other areas that will give it a new feel.

Below are a few ways to update your logo without losing your brand equity and identity:

  • Consider a new tagline that encompasses your product line or focuses on the service you provide.
  • Make subtle changes to shapes, such as creating sharper corners or softer edges.
  • Simplify and refine your logo by cutting back on the clutter or converting complicated images into outlined artwork.
  • Make slight modifications to components to keep it fresh and contemporary, such as removing gradients.
  • Consider adding a simple symbol or icon that can be used as an alternative way to represent your brand, similar to the logo idea from Apple.
  • Consider updating the font to something that may be easier to read or modern.

These little changes are simple but effective ways to help steer your logo and brand identity forward in our ever changing ladnscape.

Need help with your logo refresh?  Let the MGS Team help guide you through the process and provide you with some options that are sure to amaze.

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Until Next time…Stay Creative.