Small Business Print and Marketing Ideas

In today’s day and age there are lots of different ways a small business can print and market there products or services.  Below is a quick list of a few creative and cost-effective ways to market a small business:

  1. Consider a door hanger or recurring postcard campaign to all residents in an “X”-mile radius of your business. Consider highlighting lesser-known products, offering an exclusive discount, or inviting them to a free hands-on training event. The key is consistency in executing your campaigns.  Often one mail drop is not enough to engage your customer.
  2. Build relationships and get involved in your community through charity events, sponsoring local sports teams, volunteering at fundraisers, or donating your time or services to local non-profits. This will show that you are active team player.
  3. Develop a customer loyalty program with a variety of special promotions and incentives that would appeal to your particular customer base, such as birthday discounts, a reward punch card, free shipping, monthly discounts, free upgrades, and more.
  4. Engage with your audience on social media. Post information on new products, link to interesting industry news bits, and encourage customer conversations. Contests for those who engage or repost your posts are not a bad idea.
  5. Become an industry expert. Create a blog or newsletter with a customer Q&A section and offer helpful tips and tricks that will make people think of you next time they are ready to purchase.
  6. Create a monthly contest. For example, encourage visitors to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar for a chance to win a a gift card to a restaurant, or shopping mall.
  7. Create a customer referral program. For example, provide custom-printed referral cards that provide an exclusive discount to new customers. Also, reward existing customers based on how many new customers they recruit.
  8. Build your customer testimonials and reviews. Request customer reviews, and make sure you respond to all reviews, positive or negative.

These are just a few ideas that could easily be implemented into any business, and you would try a few of them to see what works best for you.

Until next time… Stay Creative.