Steps To Creating a Business Card

Business cards -Continued-

When creating a business card for our clients, their are a few steps that we at MGS Print & Graphics take to ensure your business card is complete, polished, and to your satisfaction.

Step 1: Before we start, do you have a logo and are you happy with that logo?  The design of your business card stems from your logo, connecting the colour pallet and imagery to further enhance and strengthen your brands recognition. If you do not have a logo, we suggest the creation of one before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: It is time to gather all of your information that you would like to be displayed on your business card. Things such as telephone number(s), email address(s), website(s), name and job titles. Double-checking that all this information is accurate and up to date is critical. It would surprise you how often someone makes a mistake on their contact information.

Step 3:  MGS will then select the colors, fonts, and potential finishes that you would like to see on your business card. This may include the addition of rounded corners or embossing as examples. Whatever your selection, these elements must be taken into consideration prior to the actual design of the card to ensure proper placement and design.

Step 4:  This is where the magic happens.  MGS Print & Graphics will combine all the elements of steps 1-3 and produce a few samples to illustrate ideas and concepts for your business card.  After this point the client makes a selection and any changes and tweaks are done to finalize your card.

Step 5: Once finalized, we recommend printing a proof /sample to ensure that the font type, size, and colors are to your satisfaction. This prevents any surprises once the final product goes to production.

This leads us to our next topic, papers and finishes. …Until next time stay creative.