Table Tent Calendars

Table Tent Calendars

Table tents are a great way to grab attention, no matter where they are placed, such as trade-show tables, checkout counters, businesses, restaurants, waiting rooms, and more. When designed as calendars, they become a creative way to promote your brand and contact information year-round.  It truly is and advert that works all year for you.

The creative design options for table tent calendars are endless. You may choose a vertical or horizontal design, as well as individual monthly calendars, a full 12-month, at-a-glance version, or even a vertical three- or four-sided table tent. Table tent calendars can also be designed with a wire binding at the top, enabling recipients to flip through 12 months.  It all comes down to your budget and what will be best received by your clients.

A great idea that would be engaging for individual, monthly calendars: consider printing exclusive codes or offers on the bottom of your promotional table tents, and encourage recipients to check your website monthly to see if they are a winner or cash in on the great deals.

It’s a great way to track customer engagement and if you need to tweek your offerings.

If you’d like help creating the perfect table talker for your organization or promotional campaign, or help with other design ideas, we’d love to help!   Feel free to contact us at and lets get started.

Until Next time… Stay Creative.