While digital media has had an impact on the printing industry, the majority of businesses say their ideal marketing mix is a combination of digital communications and print.  You should never toss all your eggs into one basket, so having a mixture of advertising avenues only better your chances of being seen by a potential new or current customer.

Below are just a few reasons why print media should be part of your marketing/advertising mix today, tomorrow, and always:

  • Printing helps to connect the online and offline worlds. The Printing Industries of North America found that 67 percent of online searches are driven by offline messages. (flyers in the mail, billboards, signs)
  • Printing offers convenience. Many people prefer print materials they can read at their leisure vs screen time. There is something about holding a tangible printed item that resonates with people.
  • Print media allows you to control the color, quality, and crispness of product photos and promotional materials.  Were emails could or could not come in with images based on Spam filters and computer settings.
  • Print marketing offers an enduring message that can be seen again and again. Nearly half of all recipients retain direct mail pieces for future reference.
  • With the amount of spam mail that we get on a daily basis , Printed promotional materials are perceived as being more trustworthy and credible than electronic marketing.
  • Printing provides an opportunity to differentiate and get noticed. Roughly 80 percent of all physical mail is opened, while the open rate of emails averages about 20 percent.  With the amount of “Junk Email” we receive on a daily basis, we are almost programmed to just hit delete without even looking at the message/offer if we are not in need of it, as most companies resend these communication few times a week.

The MGS Team has been executing a mixture of printed and digital communications for over 15years in a variety of different fields targeting different audiences.

Do you find yourself stuck and in need of help creating the perfect print project to supplement your digital marketing, give us a call today.. we are here to help.

Until next time stay creative….