Think BIG with Large Format Printing

Larger is Better!

Welcome to the world of Large Format Printing.  What is large format printing and where can you use it?  Let the MGS Print Team show you some great options at affordable prices to get your message seen.

The Large Format Printing process is like that of digital printing, except that, it uses a larger scale of printers with nozzles. We feed paper stocks through the printer where the ink is directly applied onto the material.  Some common materials used would include, papers, canvas, vinyl, coroplast, plastics, wood, and metals.  The printing phase is fast and the end result is high quality colours that are very impressive.  These machines use the CMYK colour combinations, with the option of using UV inks that are perfect for fade resistant outdoor use. Depending on your application and need MGS Print would access and recommend the best solution for your project.

What qualifies as Large Format Printing?  The possibilities are endless.

1.)Posters – Suitable as wall decors, POP or trade show displays, photo prints, and retail graphics. You can print them directly to all kinds of materials as mentioned above. (Papers, Canvas, Vinyl, Coroplast, Plastics, Wood, and Metals)

2.)Banners – Popular for Indoor and Outdoor use. Ideal for trade shows and exhibit displays and very cost effective. Choose from options such as Scrim, Tension Fabric, and Non Reflective.

3.)Canvas – Ideal for art reproductions. You may choose from rolled or wrapped canvas depending on your design preference.

4.)Wall Graphics/Stickers – Great for giving your walls life. It can give your space a new perspective. Wall graphics are usually printed on sticker material, with different tact options available including permanent, reposition-able, and fade resistant depending on were you would like them to be on the wall.

There are many different applications and opportunities to use Large Format Printing. Let MGS help you select the right product and proper printing materials for your project. Not sure what your Large Format needs are, let us help you narrow down your options and design a way to get your business noticed.

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Until next time …stay creative.